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Julien Reveillon as stick figure

Julien Reveillon

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Impact liquide
Profil de pale d'éolienne

Specializing in the fields of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), two-phase flows and energy, I try to extend my work beyond the strict boundaries of these disciplines.

I am particularly engaged in transdisciplinary projects that merge science, technology, art and society.

My goal is not only to work on scientific and technical problems, but also to integrate the solutions into the local socio-economic fabric for a lasting impact.

Through this integration, I seek to put the socio-ecological transition at the heart of our concerns, while collaborating closely with industrial, academic and civil society stakeholders.

Latest projects

Current and upcoming projects

aquaculture farm


Interreg Atlantic
Jan 2024 - Dec 2026

The SISdATA project aims to strengthen the resilience of aquaculture in the Atlantic region to climate change and extreme weather events.

Participation:CFD numerical modeling of water oxygenation systems

pollen dispersion simulation


Jan 2024 - Dec 2025

The HELIOS project aims to understand and mitigate the effects of urban heat islands with a focus on the Seine Valley.

Participation:modeling of pollen dispersion during renaturation operations

symbol of impermanence


A&S INSA residence
Sep 2022 - June 2025

Collaboration with the artistEtienne Rey in order to develop an installation on the concept of the impermanence of fluids. The objective is to generate swell and Faraday oscillations on the surface of a basin. 

Participation:simulation of the basin and detection of optimum wave and vibration modes

liquid impact on an obstacle


Labex EMC3
Sep 2020 - Oct 2023

The PERCUSS project is interested in the complexity of interactions between liquids and solids during impacts, a phenomenon which has implications both in nature (e.g. wave impacts) and in various industrial applications (e.g. sloshing).

Participation:numerical characterization of the effect of aeration (bubbles, pockets, fragmentation) on impacts

tiny water wave


Year 2022

The JEUNEPI project aims to develop a digital twin of the 40-meter wave canal at the Builders engineering school in Caen. The aim is to provide recommendations for optimized operational use of these tools by design offices.Participation :  development of the digital twin with OpenFoam software;

explosion modeling

Explosion Risk

Oct 2019 - Sept 2022

The INERIS project focuses on the modeling of industrial risks and more specifically the impact of obstacles and buildings which can accelerate the speed of the explosion, thus increasing the risks for human safety and material damage.

Participation :development of digital models, capable of accurately simulating the speed of deflagration in the presence of obstacles


University of Rouen Normandy

fluid and environment


climate change

01 - Climate change

Doctoral School (Caen & Rouen)
For all (
semester 2 2024)

Introductory course on climate change. Addressing topics such as the greenhouse effect, rising sea levels and extreme weather events, this course aims to provide a clear and accessible understanding of current climate change issues. 

wave flume

02 - Digital wave channel

master in Coastal and Marine engineering
Builders Engineering - (semester 1 - 2024)

This course is specially designed for civil engineering students who specialize in marine construction, particularly seawalls, ports, and offshore stations. The main objective is to bridge the gap between civil engineering and fluid mechanics by equipping you with the skills necessary to solve complex fluidic problems directly related to your future profession. The core of the course centers on the creation and use of a digital wave channel, an essential tool for understanding and modeling the interactions between waves and coastal or maritime structures.

earth thermal budget

03 - Climate and energy balance

Master Energy
URN (semester 2 - 

This course focuses on the heat balance of the earth and its modeling. Aimed at Master Energy students with an understanding of thermodynamics and heat transfer, the course addresses concepts such as the radiative balance, greenhouse gases and feedback loops.

fluid mechanics

04 - Fluid mechanics

Master FIRST
URN (semester 1 - 2023)

Explores the foundations and advanced applications in the field of fluid mechanics. This course aims to equip students with the skills necessary to solve complex problems in fluid mechanics.

wind turbine- CFD external aerodynamic


MasterEnergy +ESITECH
URN (semester 1 2023)

Introductory CFD course that explores the fundamentals of computational fluid mechanics using the open-source software OpenFOAM. Designed for beginners. This course covers key concepts such as finite volume discretization of the Navier-Stokes equations, management of boundary conditions, mesh design, multiphase flows, etc.

numerical tools

06 - Digital tools

for physics

1st year license - URN - (semester 2 - 2024)

This introductory course in digital tools is specially designed for first-year undergraduate students.  The program covers a diverse range of skills, from creating graphs and diagrams to writing reports and presentations. The course also provides an introduction to the art of public speaking.


I also offer specialized training for engineers or students in advanced training. These courses cover a range of topics related to fluid mechanics, heat transfer and numerical simulations, with a particular focus on the use of OpenFOAM for various industrial applications. These training courses are designed to provide practical skills directly applicable to industrial projects. The modules are adjustable and are adapted to the specific needs of educational establishments or manufacturers.

01 - Introduction to OpenFoam for industrial applications

02 - Openfoam applied to hydrodynamics

03 - Development of a digital wave flume

04 - Openfoam applied to fluid/structure thermal transfers

SE Transition

In my capacity as Socio-Ecological Transition Project Manager at the T.URN Institute, I am engaged in the design and implementation of teaching focused on climate change and sustainable development. I also play a role in promoting interdisciplinary research in ecological transition while extending my interactions with the socio-economic fabric of the Normandy region, where I aspire to forge links and develop collaborative projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment.


Project Manager 

T.URN Institute


URN Work Package Leader 

Sustainable development


sustainable development


Graphics Conference I (young audience)

'Head warm, feet in the water' on climate change

Spark company


Graphics Conference II

'Under the Sun Exactly' on climate change.

(For all)

Spark company

Outside the lab

In addition to my professional commitments, I am involved in a range of activities and associations which allow me to apply certain aspects of my work to initiatives anchored in the local social fabric. The enrichment that I attribute to each meeting and interaction strengthens my commitment and broadens my horizon.

water cycle - art and science conferences
science diffusion

House of Architecture

Normandy - MAN

computer screen
Seine river and Rouen
water cycle

Art & Science

I am passionate about the synergy between art and science. I can collaborate with artists to develop installations that merge scientific research and creative expression or I create links between artists and scientists for the development of joint projects.

Since 2023, I have partnered with the visual artist Marie Mellier to offer graphic conferences for children and the general public.

For me, these initiatives represent a unique way of communicating science in an accessible way, while exploring new forms of interaction and dialogue between disciplines.

science diffusion


I appreciate actions intended to make science accessible to the general public. I have written popular articles for 'The Conversation' and I also participate in events or conferences intended for the general public to shed light on various aspects of my research or TSE project manager work.  

Recently, I have focused on raising awareness about climate change, a topic that I consider of critical importance. Whether through graphic conferences in collaboration with artists or through public interventions, my objective is to contribute to a better understanding of current scientific challenges, in particular climate change and its impacts.

graphic visualization


Scientific visualization and graphic design occupy a special place in my professional career. I am convinced that these disciplines, when applied to science and more specifically to numerical calculation, have the power to make complex concepts understandable and engaging.

Whether for the development of digital models, the representation of data or the creation of interactive content, my goal is to combine digital science and aesthetics. This multidisciplinary approach not only aims to facilitate the understanding of the phenomena studied, but also to open new horizons of questioning and exploration.


Spark Co.

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The Spark Company is a professional multidisciplinary artistic troupe that offers unique experiences combining graphic and digital arts, theater and music. Committed to themes as varied as exile, discrimination or the environment, this company places particular emphasis on raising awareness among young audiences and families. By collaborating with various institutions and communities, Spark Company aims to democratize art and make it accessible to all generations. Their commitment to cultural inclusion and artistic creation makes them a pillar of the contemporary art scene.


Within this dynamic company, I act as a scientific advisor or even a lecturer, particularly on projects relating to questions of sustainable development and climate change. My role consists of providing a scientific basis for the works created, in order to shed light on these complex subjects in a precise manner while making them accessible and engaging for the public.



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The Forum - Maison de l’architecture de Normandie is a regional cultural association committed to sharing architectural, urban and landscape quality. This unique place for exchanges and reflections is at the crossroads of several artistic and academic disciplines. Each year, it develops a program rich in events that nourish a shared culture on subjects linked to architecture, landscape and urban planning. 

I am part of the board of directors of this dynamic association. I am also involved in the development of exhibition projects related to themes linked to water, the Seine or climate change. I appreciate the dialogue between the fields of architecture and urban planning in the face of contemporary environmental challenges.

Seine river and Rouen


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Un Monde Flottant is an association committed to promoting multidisciplinary exchanges around the Seine and river navigation. It is part of an approach to ecological transition and sustainable development, by promoting dialogue between artistic, technological, scientific and sociological fields. The association aspires to be an intermediary place for creations and transversal exchanges, by coordinating partnerships with various training stakeholders in the Normandy region. It also organizes various one-off actions, such as exhibitions and conferences, to bring together local stakeholders and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations.


I am part of the board of directors and the office of this alternative association. I help organize quarterly events that merge the disciplines of arts, technology and science. in order to actively contribute to the development of this place of exchange and creation.

Photography of Julien Reveillon


I am a teacher-researcher at theUniversity of Rouen Normandy and in the laboratoryCORIA - UMR CNRS 6614. I also play an active role as Socio-ecological Transition Project Manager at thetitle T.URN. My expertise in computational fluid mechanics and energy systems modeling allows me to contribute to various academic and industrial projects.


As mission manager of theTransitions Institute (T.URN), I strive to put the transition at the heart of our concerns. This role allows me to merge academic research with societal issues, thus creating multidisciplinary initiatives to accelerate the ecological and social transition.

I am also passionate about disseminating science in an accessible way. I use various means, ranging from popular articles to public interventions, such as graphic conferences developed with theSpark company, to raise awareness among children and adults about the urgent challenges associated with climate change.


Scientific visualization and graphic design occupy a special place in my career. I am convinced that these tools have the power to make complex concepts understandable and engaging, while opening new horizons of questioning and academic exploration.


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